Should have gone to specsavers…

Im left wondering today if Alonso is actually capable of  holding his hands up and saying “my fault”.
He and Lewis are both aggressive, no nonsense racers, but when Lewis gets it wrong, on several occasions he has shown the ability to admit his error.
I remember after the pitlane crash into Kimi at Canada 2008, he came out and said ‘I got it wrong’.

In the post race interviews, Alonso was virging on the obtuse, and could only come up with “the crash cost me a podium”. That’ll be your fault then Fernando!

I think Alonso’s penalty is fair enough, though it cost him nothing in points or places, and the penalty for Lewis I can also accept, but only if the same rule is enforced fairly and evenly for the rest of the season.
One occasion of someone not being penalised for moving more than once to defend will make a mockery of the decision this weekend and the role the stewards perform. It will be a hard act to keep up.

Lewis did well to bite his tongue post race, he was clearly bubbling with rage.
Onto China and fingers crossed for some rain to shake up the Bulls at the front!


Pirelli tweaks tyre identifying marks for Malaysia…

Pirelli have added a solid band of colour to help more clearly identify when drivers are using the soft compound tyre this weekend. When we get back to Europe, a more permanent solution is planned using a stripe running inbetween the branding on the sidewalls. Hopefully it should be crystal now, who is running what. Time will tell…..

New feature on the beeb’s website…

Martin looks in more detail at a few key moments during the race. Hopefully this will feature after all races this season.

Phil on F1 is back online!

I’ll hopefully be writing more articles this season – stay tuned!

BMW reveal the 17th ‘Art Car’

Im not normally keen on these vivid car designs done by artists as special one off’s but something about this one I like.
Its busy but somehow streamlined at the same time.
See what you think….

A pretty amazing canvas!

Designed by artist Jeff Koons, the
M3 GT2 is a unique and innovative combination of art and engineering. You can see it in action on 12 June at the Le Mans 24-hour race, driven by Andy Priaulx and on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from 1-4 July.

Could Chandhok have got it in the neck…?

potentially lethal?

Three times in recent memory has a car in F1 jumped up and slid over another car.
On one occasion I remember (I’ll try and find the clip of the one Im thinking of – I cant remeber who was involed exactly) the car actually slid over the front cockpit area narrowly missing the drivers head.
We know this is open cockpit racing and the new head guards go someway to helping but I cant help wonder about these extended rear floors. If the car got airbourne and slid side on to the driver, these “blades” could easily decapitate someone. They look menacing just sitting still!
I’ll leave you to decide watching this video.

Winning entry for China Caption Comp…

Following his failure to finish on the podium for the fourth race in a row, Hulkenberg resorts to drinking imaginary champagne to console himself.

Nice one Ben.
The next picture for comments will be from Sundays Monaco GP in the next few days…..