Pirelli tweaks tyre identifying marks for Malaysia…

Pirelli have added a solid band of colour to help more clearly identify when drivers are using the soft compound tyre this weekend. When we get back to Europe, a more permanent solution is planned using a stripe running inbetween the branding on the sidewalls. Hopefully it should be crystal now, who is running what. Time will tell…..


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4 responses to “Pirelli tweaks tyre identifying marks for Malaysia…

  • Brian Irwin

    Why not make one all red and all green and stops all this arsing about!!

    • philirwin

      The colour markings are painted on, its not the rubber itself thats a colour. I have seen full coloured tyres (solid red) on a push bike before, but I think that was more like soft plastic and I doubt the grip performance would be up to standard for F1 if they used that.

  • Will

    Surely the strip all the way round would be clearer than changing to one between brands once they get back to Europe???? Just my opinion!

    • philirwin

      They say that they are going to make the ‘Pirelli’ and ‘P Zero’ branding more dominant and join it with a band in the same colour which will give the effect of a solid band at speed. I think it might work to be honest. They say they’ve tested it.

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