Incredible app for the iPad

This is just brilliant.
The same app exists for the iPhone but on this larger device it really comes alive.
As an F1 fan this iPad is almost worth buying just for this alone!


Updated – Pirelli’s hopes punctured…

Pirelli out...Michelin, Avon in??

This might well be the only place you’ll see a Pirelli tyre in F1 next year according to FOTA.
The tyre company had sounded out a return to F1 but this has been ruled out by the teams for reasons not disclosed.

The options now seem to be Avon or Michelin, with the trade off between cost to the teams and proven track record the topic for debate.
The Michelin is in the region of 3 times the cost of the Avon which over a season could be significant given the restricted budgets on the way.

Update – Pirelli have now officially announced an intention to place a bid to the FIA.
We may now see just why FOTA were so keen to dismiss them out of hand.
We wait and see!

Caption Competition – China 2010

Nico Hulkenberg for Williams F1 in China 2010

The funniest caption suggestion will win a tin of rainbow paint and a bucket of steam!
More than one suggestion is fine.

F1 to go all Bill Oddie?

Wierd beard vegetablist to blame for F1 greenery madness?

It looks as if an agreement is nearly in place on new engines for 2013.
They are likely to be 1.5litre (thats not a typo!) units that are kinder to small rodents and use less ‘earth blood’ fuel in the process.
It is claimed the power output will be the same thanks to direct injection and twin turbos, but quite whether the whole aural experience of a screaming F1 engine will be replicated is unknown.
It is beleived that Singer are mulling the idea of entering a team.

Also rumoured is the introduction of ethnic peace bicycles for the drivers to use to get around the paddock.
More to come on this no doubt!

Two horse race..

"You vill stop beating me or I vill piss in your veetabix ya!"

Mercedes have said they will extend the wheelbase of their steed to correct a problem involving inability to distribute weight effectivly.
I wonder how keen Nico will be for this change given his success in the season so far. Will we have a case of one team running two styles of car, one for each driver? Are they allowed to do that?
Schumacher always liked the front of his car laser guided and sorted the rest out afterwards. The current car is understeering so its no surprise he is struggling. Will be interesting to see if the tables turn after the upgrade.

Dennis back behind the scenes

Back in business?

After the departure of caretaker manager Richard Lapthorne who was drafted in as chairman of the Mclaren Group around the time of Spygate and Liegate, Ron Dennis has resumed overall chair of the group.
This effectively means he is also now back on the race team management.
I hope we see him at more races this year, possibly even assisting Whitmarsh behind the scenes. It would be nice to hear some of Ron’s famous interview speeches again!

Teaching a new dog old tricks….

The tortoise teaching the hare?

I noticed a distinct change in Lewis’s mindset after China.
It seems he’s realising that despite two stunning drives in the last two races, the smooth, steady, reliable Jenson has come out on top.

It occurs to me, that if Lewis learns from Jenson this year, and adds patience, clever thinking and timing to his already long list of driving skills, he could be simply devastating in a very short time indeed.
If Lewis can measure his prodigious ability and learn when to wait and when to unleash his incredible speed he might be a hard act to follow by anyone, even the seemingly complete package of Alonso.